photo above: my first sunset on the island

When I first came to Santorini, I thought I had done some solid homework. After all the reading and research I knew I was about to be impressed, both as a traveller and as a tourist. And I still remember the very first breath of air passing the corridor out of the plane. But I had no idea I was about to change my life - after a short while I decided to move here for good and here I am now, inviting you to Santorini!

Since then I have spent many years exploring  the island step by step and have discovered some incredible spots and views that almost perplexed me. I purposely checked events, traditions and celebrations that really touched me - mingling with locals affects one's perception on a deep anthropological level; at other times I luckily found secluded hidden places for rent, some of them frozen in the 19th century, others showing off exclusive luxury - all privately owned and maintained - where I imagined many people would like to stay while on vacation; or wandering in pure wilderness on such a small island you can never imagine how many spaces it can feature. And then - the history of the island! Incredible, rich, old, very old. Perpetual fascination.

So, together with some friends, we had all these experiences assembled (and even more!) and we decided to share it with you, on a highly personal note, as customized and private as possible, accepting the huge challenge of presenting Santorini really differently, filling all the gaps on the market but keeping a high profile in respecting the customers and mostly the island. We are all multi-linguals and most of us study or have degrees in history, arts, photography, anthropology, theology, eonology, guest management and private tourism, so we dare to say you are in good hands.

On the next pages you will find the way we ourselves like to go on holiday – where to stay and what to do. Something like Travel TV meets Discovery Channel! And if you go on vacation with us and decide you just loved it, then our main goal was achieved.

This island is one piece of heaven. Let us show you around! Welcome!