A simple search on the internet will promptly throw you in a pit of sites pitching you the most beautiful bedrooms and swimming-pools. Some of them are ok. But there is always good-better-best so here is our collection!

We looked for two major criteria when we personally checked these beauties: that something  je ne sais quoi and the good value for money!

The first one is given by the location, arhitecture and attitude. Most villas are original hyposkafa - the ancient traditional dwellings of Santorini - and that brings more charm and romantism. Also, they are hanging on the cliff of the calderra so the view or the sunset is astonishing to say the least.

About the second one, the prices we offer are absolutely competitive and best-looking and the value for money is something you realize as you stay there!

All villas have a simply priceless view ! No matter how we may describe them, you just have to be here to realize how beautiful this place really is! 

So check it out and enjoy the previews!

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