Did you know that...

... there are only about 7000 original hangs (the first handpan instrument) around the world and one of them is in Santorini for almost two years? Since then, slowly but surely, the gorgeous instrument was to be seen, heard and touched at different small gatherings and events, like the opening of our first Byzantine Festival, last October in Pyrgos. Its splendid display, beautiful sound and fascinating shape gained a certain reputation among friends and its fan base kept growing, so more and more people were getting into it.

Meanwhile, the past two summers we had the chance to see some real live action in Santorini with the public performances of Spyros Pan and Simon Wood and we got more attracted to this amazing instrument. For trivia fans, the first public handpan concert in Santorini was held in 2014 at Sigalas Winery on August 31, with Spyros Pan playing in front of a full terrace.

So we started dreaming last winter about getting here some of our favorite handpan musicians in Europe, have them playing in an amazing location, in an all-acoustic performance, surrounded by friends and fans! After seriously considering the options and resources, here is the first artist we invited: David Charrier from France!

Come see him live in an unique performance, totally unplugged and acoustic, in the underground cave of an old winery, dug in the lava of the island! We hope you like the idea and we'll see you there! Enjoy!

The official page of the event on facebook here