There are no tickets!
The entry is free* for everyone but the participation is limited to cca. 100 person in order to obtain the maximum experience and properly enjoy this one-of-a-kind musical performance. To avoid any unpleasent situation, since the interest shown in our official page of the event did reach already this number and keeps growing steady by day, there will be a reservation list.
So if you really want to come we kindly suggest you to take advantage of our basic yet efficient online reservation system and secure your presence by simply sending an email to with the title "RESERVATION + your full name". Then we will send you a confirmation e-mail and put you on the reservation list. This way your participation at the event will be guaranteed. See you there!
* however, in case you would like to suport the music and the project, a small contribution of 20 euro at the door will be promptly rewarded at the bar with a full glass of the best wine of the estate, with fresh home-made pastry plus our exclusive postcard of the event, as a small memory of a wonderful evening!