It is not an easy job to find a venue for August in Santorini, for any kind of event. Therefore this topic was given a special importance since the beginning because we wanted a place with perfect sound, look and ambiance. After checking all criteria, we found ArtSpace Winery as the right venue for what we had in mind and we are proud to have them as partners! Here is why:

This place is a true hidden gem of Santorini, in every meaning of the word, despite being a long established brand among the highlights of the island. Not only is a 3-in-1 attraction (museum - winery - art gallery) but the wines they make here are organic and taste like heaven. There are many things we like about ArtSpace and we took in consideration but what really enticed us was the large caved space (hyposkafo) of the old winery, which is carved into the pumice rock: just perfect for an all-unplugged live performance, as we were looking for! The space has a warm acoustic, constant temperature all year round, a very lovely irregularity that makes one feel very comfy at once, and a lot of arts on the walls to trip you in the most esthetic way. Outside, a big parking and a fantastic orchade with big trees. Last but not at least, the bar features all the specialities of the house, including their famous organic wine "Saint Augustus" made by 100% assyrtyko (and very limited)!

But the art gallery at the ArtSpace Winery is a must-see for at least three reasons: the works, the set-up and the location! One doesn't expect to find any good arts in a winery, thinking probably as an extra-fancy feature of the place. Wrong! The list of artists who exibited here in the past 20 years is more than impressive and the quality of works makes the visitor forget he is in a winery! While the predominant art is the painting, one will find sculptures, drawings and small instalations too in the two designated spaces: the old canava (the actual venue of the event) and the old winery.

How to get there: ArtSpace Winery is located in Exo Gonia, on the road from Fira to Kamari, after the crossroad to Pyrgos you turn the second street right. Then after about 100m again turn right, the way leads directly to the parking of ArtSpace. By bus from Kamari or Fira/Messaria, get off at bus stop "Exo Gonia", which is in front of a complex of different stores. From there it's only a short walk, simply follow the given discription before or the signs.  
Exo Gonia, 84700 Santorini, Greece
tel: +(30) 22860 32774 
      +(30) 6932 899 509
email: info@artspace-santorini.com