This is probably the supreme experience that Santorini has to offer in one day! While it is not the only heli-tour on the island, it is certainly the most complete one in its deluxe category in Santorini!

The very simple description gives you the rush for travelling and will let the imagination fly. This mega-tour consists of :

* Highlights of Santorini Tour by luxury car,

* a private wine tasting with a wine-expert at the most-awarded winery on the island 

* 25 min helicopter tour over the arhipelago

* traditional products tasting at a local farm 

* sunset lounge at one of Santorini's finest top terraces

and optional but not included:

* private dinner with menu a la carte and exclusive butler (right on the beach or up at the edge of caldera)

* volcano visit by luxury boat plus caldera sailing tour

Sounds nice? Need more details? Do you think it gets better? Call us now!

Capacity: 2-4 persons
Duration: about 7 hours
Rate per person:
2 pers = 690e/p
3 pers = 490e/p
4 pers = 390e/p

All aerial photos made by Dimitris Revenisios, Iraklis Kontoes, Καρολίνα Ρικάκη, Μπίρης Κυπριανός, Vasilis Porgiazis, Κατερίνα Κατώπη -


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