There is a famous quote from Catherine Zeta-Jones about shopping here, who reportedly commented that "I couldn't stop shopping, so many different things to buy. I think I have raised the National Domestic Product a bit while visiting the shops on Santorini....."

Shopping on Santorini? Really? Oh yeah!

Not only Santorini is the place for shopping but the bazar in Fira is so famous for its stores that one should not be surprised to find (and buy) limited and special editions of different items created exclusively. Just to make an ideea, the very name of the Golden Street says it all..

Souvenirs, arts, icons, wines, clothes, deli, shoes, tools, toys, utilities, gold and jewelry - you name it and we will show you the right shops, boutiques and stores. And the best part is that sometimes we also benefit of some discounts - being regulars - and this is just another advantage of going with us! Among others, we carry your bags, make sure you stay out of any scam and show you the best ice-cream spot on the island!

So, if you're planning to do any shopping here, don't worry about the mood. We gonna put you in an excellent one!

Duration: about 5 hours
Rates per person: 95 euro

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