Yet again Santorini has been voted top island in Europe and top 4 in the world!
There must be a very good reason for that!

Well, there is actually more than one reason and we decided to make a list with all the things that are available only here!
Everything that is unique, one-of-a-kind, exclusive and worthy of seeing. The result was amazing and we instantly realized
what a fabulous tour will make a full check of all these things!

So let us show you in 5-6 hours what made Santorini famous, everything from the oldest kouloura to the most secluded sunset spot, hyposkafa, the bee-hive architecture, build-in-lava winery, the small canyion, the happy indian, the marble-grinded beach, katsounia etc ! While most of them might just surprise you, we are sure that some of them are gonna blow your mind!

Duration: about 6 hours
Sport shoes are recomanded.
Rate per person: 145 euro
Wine testing included.

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