Sundays only, in the morning.

This rather introspective tour welcomes everybody who wants to participate and live this experience albeit the tour is orthodox orientated by its nature.

The wake-up call is quite early so we may share some deep religious feelings with the locals. We will see the elderly of the village piously listening to the milenar poliphonic byzantine hymns in one of the island’s oldest churches, but this tour is more than an interesting religious journey and is centered around the byzantine orthodox culture - the history, the churches, the holy mass, the ritual, the music. Your guide is specialized in these topics and will be happy to share with you all requested information.

For the yearly religious celebrations see SPECIALS here

Duration: about 3 hours
Decent clothing is mandatory.
Rate per person: 85 Euro

All profits goes to byzantine arts and heritage preservation activities on the island, like monasteries and private domains.


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