TheRealLife - An anthropological journey

You know all those documentaries on tv about the isolated remote places and islands and how the people have lived there since ever? If you watched it because you are genuinly interested in this topic, we offer you more: have your own private anthropological expedition in Santorini! Discover another side of the island - the kind of tour that takes you out of the macro-paradise directly into the micro-heaven. Welcome to the real life of Santorini!

While staying here, we know you are going to visit Oia no matter what, also Fira, Akrotiri and probably Kamari on the way to the beach - plus the incomparable caldera - but there are so many other fascinating beauties and frozen-in-time life sequences in the inner part of the island, including traditional villages with white washed houses, small yards, narrow paved paths and dozens of churches with blue domes, everything surrounded by vineyards, sea and lava. Another kind of delice and tourism! 

In such a small island there are actually places where you can dwelve into past medieval times and experience the quaint and charmy beauty of the traditional villages and the simplicity of the basic lifestyle of the locals, behind the main road.

The oldest dwellings - the hyposkafa - are very impressive at first view. Often arranged in the world-wide famous bee-hive attitude, we find them at the bottom of a dried river but also hanging on the caldera rim. Or the latin mansions - a clear influence of the venetian occupation - and the kapitanoskafa, some of them in perfect shape.

On the way we will visit - among others - the most secluded and hidden villages, stop by a local farm, find out about hyposkafas and canavas, then have a walk in the best preserved medieval fortress on the island or visit a gorgeous yet typical greek harbour, the most beautiful mansion or have a local wine-testing! 

Duration: ~6  hours
Sport shoes, hat, sunscreen required.
Rate per person:165 euro


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