This is the only sunrise tour in Santorini!

Santorini is so famous for the sunset that people seem to forget that the mighty sun also .. rises in Santorini !
And we happen to know some of the most incredible spots to feel the magic of this superb spectacle.
Everything is so intense that makes one understand the definition of such words as “alive” or “reborn”. Few things beats the beauty of the sun slowly taking over the long shadow of Anafi island at 7am.
And, most of all, the energy you feel coming to you is indescribable - one simply has to be there to get the feeling of starting the day in such a glorious way.

Then, having had fed the mental and the spirit, we have to take care now of the body so we head to the old village of Gonia where a rich wholesome breakfast with beautiful panorama of the sea included will be served  on a superb private house terrace, overlooking the aftersunrise sea and the majesty of the highest peak on the island, in front of us!

After siesta you will be driven back to your hotel or to any place on the island you may desire.

Duration: about 3-4 hours 
Including breakfast.
Rate per person: 165 E
Special sessions for autotrophs by request.

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