A more-and-more digitalized tourism assumes a photo camera virtually in every luggage, at any level. Everybody wants to take good pictures and Santorini is such a dream-place that seems to have been created exclusively for photographers and photo-lovers; but some of us want more: the perfect picture! Welcome to paradise!

There are so many fantastic spots to get on camera one can never have enough time even if one would know exactly where to go. We are photographers ourselves and we would like to share with you the emotions of a perfect panorama or to show you how to get one.

We'll pick you up and you better make sure you have enough storage space on your memory card and your camera is ready because for the next hours we'll take you on a particular eye-catching journey : the special places of Santorini! You will be shown mind-blowing panoramas, landscapes and close-ups, hidden trails, pieces of history, arhitecture and geology, celebration and drama, flora and fauna – nothing but landseapeoplenature.

And while you will be getting everything on your camera, we will be taking pictures of you taking pictures of Santorini, so you have a double photo memory from us!

Speaking of photo memories, there is another tour more group/family orientated HERE

Duration: about 5 hours
Sport shoes and sunscreens are recomanded.
Rate per person: 135E


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Jeanne and David Hoopes wrote on 10.08.2015, 04:39:
For someone who loves travel photography like me, this tour was a dream come true. Manuel is a friendly and well-informed guide who took us to the best vantage points on beautiful Santorini for stunning shots including a view of the caldera at sunset. We got to take the images we wanted and he also took photos of us so we will always have memories of this special place. Thank you!!

val + tony williams wrote on 19.06.2015, 09:43:
Dear dear Manuel, thank you so much for making our last day on Santorini so fantastic! You were a great guy to spend the day with. We saw sights of Santorini that we would have never have seen without you. Good luck!

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