Would you like to bottle your own wine straight from the barrel? Do you know where is the only place in the world where one can taste 24 yo Vinsanto wine? Are you the extra-dry-white or super-sweet-red type? What is a koulura? Which is the next Grand Cru wine from Santorini and what does it taste like? And whats the story with that famous assyrtyko? Our guide knows and tasted everything!

Join him on a private tour of the best wine-spots on the island! Discover the roots of wine in history and the oldest vines in the world. Why is Santorini so famous for its wines?

Wine is the second most important industry on the island and there are over two dozens of renowned wines produced by more than a dozen of wineries. Santorini is well-known for its wines quality, which are unique in the world due to the volcanic soil that makes the grapes grow. Some of them are in the top 100 in the world and there is a very good and old reason why! 

The tour features 4 wine tasting sessions, including traditional - in the original mansion of a canava, rural - on a local farm, organic - one of the smallest wineries in the world, and modern - with fabulous view over the caldera, and offers all the wines that made Santorini famous.

From traditional mansions lost in the middle of the vineyards to the breath-taking view from a wine tasting area at the rim of the caldera, this tour will take you to different parts of the island so that you have time to enjoy both the beauty of the nature and the aftertaste of Vinsanto or other keen-made wines.

Duration: 4 hours
Rate per person: 125 euro


A deluxe version of this tour you may find HERE 

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Matilde wrote on 25.07.2016, 21:40:
Wine tourist with Manuel is a really incredible experience!! He is an interesting person who can tell you a lot of gorgeus histories and he is so fanny too. He can make magics experiences!

Kelly P Campbell wrote on 25.05.2016, 17:06:
Manual gave us an amazing tour of 4 wineries and basically a tour of the island imparting interesting information about Santorini all while entertaining us and keeping us laughing. I would highly recommend doing this tour when in Santorini - you will not regret it. It was a highlight of the trip!

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