With an elevation of 600 m – second highest in Aegea -  Santorini is more than just walkable. The most famous and promoted is the hike between Fira and Oia. While this is indeed a superb trail, there are at least two other tours that should be done!

The first one is breath-taking, requires a bit of courage and offers in return un unpaintable view and a distinct run back in time. It comes along with a beautiful yet tragic story about one of the most stunning castles in history.

The second one is the most complete hiking & walking tour in Santorini, simply because it has everything! It starts with the stupendous panorama from the highest point on the island and ends with a well-deserved splash on the finest beach, including ancient ruins, pictoresque tracks, hidden chapels and secluded areas. But most of all it contains a hidden gem and a wonder of nature in Santorini, totally unmarked on the mainstream maps and therefore an immense treasure for every true traveller: the only springwater on the driest island in the Aegean! And that offers you the unique chance to have a sip from it !

Duration: 3-6 hours
Sport shoes and sunscreen required

Rate per person: 95-135 Euro

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