The horses are simply splendid and belong to one of the oldest family around who has a stable, consisting of 15 horses, with human resources to care for the daily better treatment. You will be provided with the necessary equestrian equipment to ensure your physical safety. Also, if you are an inexperienced rider, before your riding we provide you with the basic training you need. In each riding there will be a guide–instructor who is going to direct you and ensure the smooth operation of the tour. It is important, whether you are an experienced rider or not, to dedicate some time to the horse that you are going to ride so as to develop the bond between you.

Equipment  We provide helmets, scraps as well as all the equipment you may need
Training  Before each trip we make sure for your skills
Photography  Free photos are provided in order to keep your memories alive

Video  There is also the possibility to incorporate a camera in your helmet 
Local food tasting  Try the traditional dishes of Santorini
Transfer  With ansmall extra fee we provide transportation to and from your hotel

Special arrangements can be made, on request.

There are 5 suggested tours including ridings to the beach, caldera and villages, but we can have yours custom-made so just let us know what you want or prefer by email.

Depending on the options and the number of people, the rates are between 55-75 euro/hour.

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