Everybody comes to Santorini to marry – be original and come here to propose !

We know some locations that are just unpaintable, to say the least. We simply don’t know enough English to describe those spots. The kind of locations for the perfect proposal – amazing view, mind-blowing location, absolute seclusion and discretion. Some of them are in the wild and some are organized venues but all guarantee high emotions and unforgettable memories. 

Being an exclusive kind of a service, there is no menu here. Everything is customized to the maximum according to each couple’s interests, desires, fantasies and budget. We take care of everything and we can do a lot so let your imagination fly! Whoever of you will contact us, we will make all the arrangements so that everything goes as smooth and doubtless as possible for the significant other. Here, it’s all going to look like a "private tour or drive" and then, once at the location - well here you are on your own: your speech, your love, your ring! But we can get all these on photo and video!

Prices vary from situation to situation but we recommend you to take advantage of the fact that we offer a wide range of services - plus all the tips of a professional – so in the end you can get the best value for money for the whole package.