Each September in Santorini takes place a very particular event - IFESTIA, the celebration of the volcano! 

The Ifestia Festival happens during one day and consist of a serie of artistic events dedicated to the mighty volcano from the middle of caldera, whose major highlight is a re-enactment representation of the famous Minoan Eruption (or the Thera Eruption) that took place around 1600 BC. The magnitude and the impact of this volcanic eruption affected many civilisations along Europe, especially the Minoan Civilisation and changed forever the course of european history, so it's no wonder the fame this festival has.

In order to enjoy this unique event, the municipality of Santorini organises every year in late September a realistical representation by recreating the former eruption - with pyroclastic effects and lights show, fireworks and sounds - as part of a festival. 

Everything happens in the middle - on the volcano - so the event is widely visible for everybody watching it from the rim of the caldera. However, we think there's always nice-nicer-nicest and we have two exclusive offers for you:    


Let us take you on a beautiful boat around the volcano and show you the action as close as possible, in the most spectacular way! The sail also includes the sunset time by boat where you may enjoy it with our finest deluxe wine and on board dinner!

Duration: ~ 5 hours
Rates per person: 285 euro
Including transfer, wine, food, photos
Limited to 10 pers


We know a secret place on the island where the view is front-seat. You virtually have the feeling of sitting on a huge balcony and everything there happens in your honour. There we will serve a glass (or more!) of the finest genuine santorinian wine while enjoing the full show. After that we offer you a ride back home or at any other place.

Duration: ~ 2,5 hours
Rates per person: 125 euro
Including transfer, wine, photos
Limited to 7 pers

For more info, bookings and details about the curent date this September, please send us an email.